Mentorship / Companionship

Sidekicks Mentorship and Companionship Services

Social networks and social interactions are key elements of happiness, health and prosperity. By providing mentors and companions, we envision individuals having the opportunity to enjoy daily activities and community offerings. We envision parents having extra supports around the home or when needing to tend to personal and professional needs.

  • Our Sidekicks:
    • Assure an individual’s safety and well-being
    • Offer companionship and encouragement
    • Participate in games, activities, arts and crafts
    • Engage in recreational activities that are available in the community
    • Assist with daily living skills
    • Can provide supervision when parents need to tend to personal or professional needs
    • Will be role model figures
    • Will engage in meaningful conversation

Activities that may be meaningful to the individual include, but are not limited to: Playing games, playing with toys, arts and crafts, listening to music, performing hobbies, adhering to a daily schedule, preparing meals, exercise, riding bikes, schoolwork, apparel selection, meaningful conversation, bedtime stories, coloring, help with money counting, reading and looking at magazines, exploring the internet.

Recreational Activities:
Activities that may be meaningful to the individual include, but are not limited to: Movies, restaurants, shopping malls, zoos, aquariums, libraries, the park, places of worship, trips to the grocery store and at entertainment events (sports, plays, carnivals, festivals, etc.)

Assistance with Daily Living:

A. Self-Care:
Dressing and undressing (pants, shirt, shoes, socks); toilet training; showering, and bathing; caring for hair, nails, and teeth; washing hands and face; eating assistance; and bedtime preparation.

B. Care of Home
Cleaning sink, mirror and toilet; washing windows; making bed; setting the table and cleaning up after meals; emptying the trash; loading and unloading dishwasher; vacuuming, sweeping; dusting, tidying and organizing; washing, drying, folding, sorting and putting away clothes.


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