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The Division of Developmental Disabilities provides public funding for services and supports that assist New Jersey adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities age 21 and older to live as independently as possible.

To apply for services:
visit http://www.state.nj.us/humanservices/ddd/services/apply/index.html

As a DDD approved Provider, Sidekicks provides Prevocational Training, Supported Employment, Career Planning and Community Based Supports.

Everyone deserves the chance to gain meaningful employment. A job that correlates with an individual’s interests, talents and ambitions. We are here to help through the process of attaining a meaningful job, by providing the right type of supported employment assistance.

Everyone also deserves the chance to be a part of the community and all of its offerings. Below, you will find more information on our Employment and Community Based Support Programs.

Career Planning
Career planning is a person-centered, comprehensive employment planning and support service that provides assistance for program participants to obtain, maintain or advance in competitive employment or self-employment.

Career Planning helps individuals in identifying a career direction and developing a plan for achieving competitive, integrated employment. The outcome of this service is documentation of the individual’s stated career objective and a career plan used to guide individual employment support. If an individual is employed and receiving supported employment services, career planning may be used to find other competitive employment more consistent with the person’s skills and interests or to explore advancement opportunities in his or her chosen career.

Prevocational Training
Services that provide learning and work experiences, including volunteer work, where individuals can develop general, non-job-task-specific strengths and skills that contribute to employability.

  • Services may include:
    • Training in effective communication with supervisors, coworkers and customers
    • Generally accepted community workplace conduct and dress
    • Ability to follow directions
    • Ability to attend to tasks
    • Workplace problem solving skills and strategies
    • General workplace safety and mobility training

Prevocational Training is intended to be a service that individuals receive over a defined period of time and with specific outcomes to be achieved in preparation for securing competitive, integrated employment in the community for which an individual is compensated. Supports are delivered one-on-one with the individual or in a group of two to eight participants.

Supported Employment
Services that provide individual support activities needed to help an individual obtain and maintain an individual job in competitive or customized employment, or self-employment, in an integrated work setting in the general workforce for which an individual is compensated.

Supports in the intensive period are delivered in a face-to-face setting, one-on-one. The service may also be delivered to a participant on a less intensive, ongoing basis (“follow along”) where supports are delivered either face-to-face or by phone with the participant and/or his or her employer.

  • Services are individualized and may include, but are not limited to:
    • Training and systematic instruction
    • Job coaching
    • Benefit support
    • Travel training
    • Other workplace support services that enable the participant to be successful in integrating into the job setting

Community based-supports
Services that provide direct support and assistance for individuals, with or without the caregiver present , in or out of the individual’s residence, to achieve and/or maintain the outcomes of increased independence, productivity, enhanced family functioning, and inclusion in the community, as outlined in his/her Service Plan.

Community-Based Supports are delivered one-on-one with an individual and may include, but are not limited to: assistance with community-based activities and assistance to, as well as training and supervision of individuals as they learn and perform the various tasks that are included in basic self-care, social skills, and activities of daily living.


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