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Sidekicks Newsletter - Edition #47

Sidekicks Highlights

Superhero Highlight – Natalie
Natalie is awesome! She has a great sense of humor, a wonderful smile and an engaging personality.  Natalie is a weekly volunteer at her local community center. She likes to; take walks, go to the park and play games on her wii and xbox. She also likes to spend time with friends and family.

Sidekick Highlight – Yilda
I love being a Sidekick because of so many reasons. After I graduate college, I plan to continue working with amazing individuals like our Superheroes. Sidekicks has definitely humbled me and taught me the importance of patience, dependability, and compassion. The bonds that I have made with my Superheroes are beyond special to me. I love giving back to the community and what better way to do that? Just the thought of making someone's day a little brighter or actually making an impact on that person's life overall is an indescribable feeling.
Sidekicks Support Blog
‘Music with a Mission’
By Jim Gavens

Music is amazing. It is both intangible and tangible. It makes you feel something. It succeeds when words fail. For me, it is the great communicator and experience to enjoy and use for good to inspire and motivate. There is something magical, dare I say, something divine, that happens when people connect on a higher level, and I believe a channel of that higher level is through music.....

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We Make

Learn more about We Make, a workplace in Pennington, New Jersey designed for adults with autism.  

Follow the link below at NJTV news to view and read more....
Making a difference in the lives of children now is at the heart of everything  at POAC. For the thousands of children with autism who benefit from these services and programs every year, POAC is making lives better every day. Please help POAC continue to meet the needs of everyone on the autism spectrum, their families, their teachers and the entire autism community. POAC can’t do it without you so please visit and start a walk team today. It’s free and easy and POAC will help every step of the way.
Apple proposes 13 new emoji to represent people with disabilities

Apple proposed new emoji today that would better represent hearing aids, guides, and people with disabilities, in a submission to the Unicode Consortium, as noted by Emojipedia. 

Follow the link below to view and read more....
Young American with autism earns a Rhodes scholarship

Jory Fleming from the University of South Carolina earned a prestigious Rhodes scholarship to study at Oxford University. 

Follow the link below to view and read more....


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