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May 31
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A Thank You Note to Our Super Moms and Super Dads

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By Sarah E. Siering, M.A., BCBA

It’s hard to believe, but here we are, halfway between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day already!  While I can’t make every Sidekicks parent a finger painting for the fridge or a macaroni picture frame (even though I’d like to!) I still want to take a moment to let you all know how much we here at Sidekicks appreciate you.

Moms and Dads, this is not easy.  Before your Superhero was born, you may have had a picture in your mind of what your family journey would look like.  It probably did not include the alphabet soup that has since become your reality: ASD, ABA, ISS, IEP, OT, BCBA, DCF, DDD.  You probably didn’t know how hard your Superhero would have to work to meet their milestones, and you probably didn’t know how hard you would have to work to help them achieve their goals.  Maybe you looked at the long road ahead and doubted your ability to make it. 

Yet, you persevered.  You learned.  You researched.  You networked.  You fought for the services that were right for your child, and when services weren’t quite right, you pushed to make them better.  You worked miracles to make room in your busy schedules for IEP meetings, teacher conferences, speech therapy, occupational therapy and behavior analysis. 

It takes courage to open your home to strangers.  It takes courage to believe that the interventions are working, even when your child is in the throes of a full-blown, snot-nosed, kicking, rip-roaring tantrum because a Sidekick prompted him or her to zip up her own jacket or to pick up the toy he just threw.  Thank you for sticking with us, even when progress looks slow.  Please know that we share your frustrations at every setback, and your joy at each new victory.

You never gave up on your child, and you never gave up on yourselves.  For that, we Sidekicks honor you.  Our Superheroes wouldn’t be where they are today without their Super Families…Super Moms and Super Dads, we thank you for all that you do!

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