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Feb 27
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Do you believe there is a medical cure for Autism?

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By:  Robert F. Valluzzo

I continue to be curious how many families out there truly believe there is a simple cure in a bottle or in pill form to give your child to “Cure” them of this disease?  I for one tried this type of medicine on my son. It cost me a lot of money and we never saw a positive result.  Back in the 1990’s it was an injection of Pig intestinal lining fluids.  It was available in Canada at the time and it was to have been a wonder drug.  After about six injections in my son’s stomach area, we stopped the treatment.  Why?  Because it showed no improvement and I did not want to do something that might have hurt my child.

As a parent with autism, we hear lots of stories as to the cause and about cures.  MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) was originally formulated by Jim Humble of Genesis II Church in the U.S.  Genesis II Church is a nonreligious organization of “health and healing.”  MMS is claimed to be a cure for Autism, Alzheimer’s, cancer, malaria and HIV/AIDS.  A. Stout has written an article “Don’t Believe the Hype; This ‘Cure’ for autism is actually deadly.” 

Check out the article to be informed. 

I want to also share with you there is no current cure for the disability.  Only through therapy can you manage and treat it.  Next time you are approached from the snake oil medicine man or woman, turn the other way.  Keep your faith. We all want to know the cause to prevent future children and adults from going through this terrible disease and we also want to find the cure.  More and more medical professionals are starting to tackle these questions.  We can support and stay aware to advocate on behalf of our children.  Continue to stay informed to avoid fake cures.

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