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Apr 02
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‘Music with a Mission’

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By Jim Gaven

Music is amazing. It is both intangible and tangible. It makes you feel something. It succeeds when words fail. For me, it is the great communicator and experience to enjoy and use for good to inspire and motivate. There is something magical, dare I say, something divine, that happens when people connect on a higher level, and I believe a channel of that higher level is through music.

Whether it be a band playing in a garage, a string quartet playing in a theater, a bird chirping in a tree, or the sound of a car horn, music is all around us. The question we have to ask ourselves is: Do we stop to really listen to it or do we hear it more in the background like a distant soundtrack to our lives? I would encourage you to adopt the saying ‘wake up and smell the roses’ and apply it to a ‘wake up and hear the music’ mentality. Music has helped me in many ways, namely becoming a better version of myself through the creative expression of songwriting, live performance, and most importantly, service. The positive, hopeful emotion that shines through music, if you are open to it, is transformational. And, I have been transformed. Hopefully you have, too! If not, there is still hope.

To do anything great and meaningful in life, it must be done with good intention and purpose. It is with this intention that I have been compelled to make a difference in the lives of those with developmental disabilities in the state of NJ. The unconditional love, compassion, and present state awareness I’ve seen in my 7 years of providing group and individual music sessions has been nothing short of a miracle. In continuing this passion of making a difference and using music as the tool to do so, I am excited to share Key of Awesome Music’s mission, Improving the Quality of Life With Music. This is an all-encompassing music company who has the individual’s and group’s best interest at heart, working with and bringing the best out of everyone, one note at a time. From one-on-one lessons to group sessions to live performances to publishing to licensing to consulting, Key of Awesome Music, LLC is looking forward to helping as many people as we can with music.

Feel free to ‘be a part of the band’ by spreading the goodness to all your family and friends whom you feel might be interested or benefit from our services.

For more information on Key of Awesome Music, LLC (Improving the Quality of Life with Music) as a qualified provider in NJ, please Click Here: , or contact Jim at and/or 609-558-7837.


Quick Artist Bio:
“Armed with the goal of helping others, Jim Gaven's mission is to write songs that make you think of a good time in your life, make you feel good about yourself, and most of all, put a smile on your face. The upbeat singer/songwriter from Hamilton, NJ wants to make a positive difference in the world and truly believes that music has the ability to do that. Quoted as saying, 'I want to inspire you to do great things as I have been inspired. The fact that you can create something out of nothing and have it last forever is amazing to me.' This is a true testament to the everlasting impact we can all have on each other, and Jim hopes to bring that kind of attitude to the forefront through song.

Links: To hear Jim’s music as a singer/songwriter, feel free to check out:, or search for him as well as Amazon, iTunes, CDBaby, and Spotify.

To Learn more about Jim as a music publisher and to hear the 10 artists he represents for publishing, licensing, and placement opportunities, click here:

For more information on Jim as an author, visit these sites: or

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