Meet the Sidekicks

Meet the Sidekicks

Niko Antonellos – Chief Executive officer
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Growing up, Niko was heavily involved in special needs organizations that provided support to individuals and also grew up with family members who have autism. Through his personal experiences, he noticed how beneficial support for individuals with unique challenges could be.

In 2012, Niko started the concept of Sidekicks as part of his final entrepreneurship project. He envisioned a program that connected people who were passionate about supporting others with individuals and families who had unique challenges to promote independence, rewarding outcomes and peace of mind for families.

Years later, Niko has surrounded himself with a team that has substantial amount of experience in the field to better serve and support individuals with unique needs and challenges. Niko prides himself on building a quality program that is focused on creating positive outcomes for families and individuals with unique needs and challenges. Niko oversees the program and is constantly finding ways to improve and better provide support services for Superheroes.

Jamie Douglas – Chief Operating Officer
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Jamie brings decades of experience and insight into our program. As the leader of our operations, Jamie oversees and manages our day to day functions. Jamie also heads our staff training program, in which she helps staff with required trainings and personal development. Jamie plays an integral part in maintaining the quality of our program and providing support to our families and staff. Jamie is constantly working with Niko on how to improve our program and best serve our Superheroes.

Our BCBAs and Supervisors oversee our staff to ensure they are providing the best quality support possible. They bring a substantial amount of experience, leadership and guidance for our Sidekicks.

  • Roe Bonomo
  • Ashley Rallis
  • Nikki Garmer
  • Kim Woodruff
  • Carol Moscarello

Administrative Support Team

Bob Valluzzo – Community Resource Manager
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As the Community Resource Manager, Bob is primarily responsible for researching community options, attending community events and sharing community resources for our families.

Corrine Pine – Administrative Assistant
Corrine directly supports our admin team in a variety of daily operations. She assists in onboarding new staff, organization of files and many other helpful administrative tasks


Sammer - Sidekicks isn't about me, or any of the Sidekicks for that matter. It's about being there for the Superheroes. Whether we're sharing a laugh or confiding in one another, the relationships and skills we build is more than skin deep. It's hard to put into words how special it is to get to work with the Superheroes, but just know that it's a life altering experience. The Superheroes I’ve gotten the chance to work with are truly my heroes, and I hope more people begin to look past, not at, disabilities.

Tiff - Being a sidekick means more to me than most people can imagine. When I got the opportunity to become a sidekick I jumped on it. I have worked with individuals with special needs in a school setting and thought this would be an incredible opportunity to take that farther and work with individuals with disabilities as a friend rather than teacher. I love being able to see my Superheroes every week and focus on skills such as daily living, education, and social skills. I absolutely adore all my kids and can't be any more grateful to have them as my Superheroes. I have learned more from them and am so thankful for that opportunity!

Jonathan - I have had the pleasure of working with many Superheroes and their families. It gives me great pride and joy, being able to provide the Superheroes with the support they need in order to be successful. Whether that means assisting with daily hygiene skills, helping out with homework or taking them out into the community, I know the support I am giving is making a difference in their lives. Being a Sidekick is not just about tagging along with an individual and monitoring them. Each individual I have worked with I have gotten to know on a personal level. I am truly vested in ensuring their ongoing success and each milestone that they make I celebrate with them. I love working for Sidekicks Support Services and being a Sidekick!

Yasmine - Being a Sidekick is more of a passion than it is work, because I love being able to see my Superhero every chance that I get! I can always count on him to make me laugh and keep things unpredictable. Even though I am there to help my Superhero in practicing life skills and engaging in leisure activities, he helps to brighten my day and put a smile on my face when he gets off the bus in excitement to see me. I am not only a friend to my Superhero, but he is also a friend of mine!

Paula - Being a part of Sidekicks has been an amazing experience so far and is something I will always remember. I love to spend time with my superhero because not only am I there to help him, but he also teaches me new things. Whenever he runs to me to give me a big hug it always makes my day! Being a sidekick is something I look forward to every week. Each week is a fun and exciting adventure with my superhero!

Michael - Growing up with an older brother with both Down Syndrome and Autism has taught me many things in life. One of the lessons it has taught me is that just because someone might seem quite different than you at first glance doesn’t mean they necessarily are. You see, no matter who you are, we all feel the same emotions. That’s the one thing we share in common with anyone in this world. These emotions can also be contagious. If you’re surrounded by people that are happy and uplifting then chances are you will be as well. And the greatest part about emotions is that there is no language barrier. It doesn’t matter if one person speaks English and another speaks Spanish or even if they can’t even speak at all, emotions can travel from one person to another regardless. It’s this belief that I have that made me want to join the sidekick team when I heard about them. Their main focus is to give people with disabilities a companion and to me a companion is someone you can share emotions with. The main emotion I wish to share with my companions is happiness, and if I can go to sleep at night knowing I’ve provoked this feeling within someone else then that’s all I need in life to feel accomplished.

Scott – My time working with Sidekicks so far has been nothing short of amazing. Not only has this company given me a chance to work with kids and make a difference, but it has also reassured me that working with kids with special needs is something I want to do for the rest of my life as a career. Sidekicks has given me opportunities and experiences that wouldn’t compare to any other job. The work I do with each and every superhero allows me to become that much more experienced in and out of the classroom. This company has helped me become a better person, student, and aspiring teacher so that one day I can have a class of my own superhero’s.

Christine – Working with sidekicks means everything to me. Every day I am grateful for the wonderful experiences and memories that my Superheroes have given me. Every time that I get to see my superheroes, they teach me lessons that I never would have learned. They teach me not only how to be a better teacher, but also a better version of myself.

Sidekicks gives me the opportunity to learn and to grow with different superheroes, and every one of them gives me experiences that I would not trade for anything. Sidekicks has completely changed my life by introducing me to my wonderful superheroes. I can't imagine who I would be without them!

Danielle - Several years ago I was introduced to Sidekicks and was immediately impressed by their mission. While serving as a teacher for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders over the past 10 years I constantly heard parents who needed services at home for their children. Sidekicks Support Services provides a variety of services with a strong focus on quality employees and programming. A company with their heart in the right place was refreshing and I knew I wanted to be a part of it!

During my time with Sidekicks Support Services I have enjoyed meeting and getting to know many dedicated Sidekicks who all joined for the same reasons. We want to make a difference by serving our communities and individuals with special needs. Each Superhero I’ve had the pleasure to work with has reignited my passion for teaching and serving individuals with special needs. I know I have made a difference each time I work with a Superhero and it is incredibly rewarding. Superheroes teach me so much about appreciating every step forward while persevering through any step backward. I am truly proud to call myself a Sidekick!

Katie - I have been working with twin Superheroes who have made a tremendous amount of growth. It has been amazing to be a part of their journey and see their progress first-hand. Aside from working with the Superheroes, another great part about working at Sidekicks Support Services is getting to work alongside the other Sidekicks. The team of Sidekicks working with the twins has helped me improve my skills and has made this experience even more valuable. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the Superheroes' lives and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for them!

Meghan - Finding Sidekicks has been a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. When I first learned of Sidekicks Support through a friend I was instantly attracted to the idea of what it had to offer. Being a part of such a beautiful and meaning company has left me with endless delight and appreciation for the whole team that keeps this well-oiled machine running. As a classroom teacher it is really very easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle, paperwork and politics of working in a school. With Sidekicks I don’t have to worry about those factors. My main focus can be on my superhero and what he needs or what he wants. I love being able to simply go to his house and relish in our self-determined time together. It allows me the time to appreciate, reflect, and plan on how to be a better person both inside and out of the classroom. Having a team that shares a similar philosophy and works as a cohesive unit makes this experience even more worth while, which is why I couldn’t imagine my life without Sidekicks.

Bri - I have gotten the opportunity to work with some awesome Superheroes through Sidekicks. Each of these children have taught me so many lessons and have allowed me to be a part of their world. I love this company, and it is such a blessing to be a part of it. I am determined to continue to grow in my experience and watch these kids progress as amazing individuals! They make me so happy, and without them, I would not be the person that I am today.

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