About Sidekicks

We Are Sidekicks because every Superhero needs one

About Sidekicks

We Are Sidekicks because every Superhero needs one!
Every Superhero Needs a Sidekick. Sidekicks was founded to provide Superheroes and their families quality personalized support, whether in the home or in the community. Superheroes are strongly admired for brave acts and fine qualities. Superheroes are those who face challenges daily and who inspire others. A Sidekick supports their Superhero in a variety of ways through their journey to be the best that they can be. At Sidekicks, we provide personalized support services that enable individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities to overcome daily obstacles, achieve goals and strive for independence. Our Sidekicks can be mentors, companions, therapists, job coaches and more.


We bring a team oriented approach to provide the best support experience for our Superheroes and parents as possible. Our services include; companionship, mentoring, daily living assistance, development of social skills, development of self-dependency skills, employment assistance, living skills assistance, emotional support and respite. A team that prides itself on integrity, reliability and competent ability to make an everlasting positive impact in lives of Superheroes.

Our Sidekicks feel that it is an honor and privilege to support and engage with our Superheroes. Each Sidekick is pre-screened, has relevant experience, undergoes training and is passionate about improving the lives of others. All Sidekicks have access to and are supervised by our administrative staff who have a substantial amount of clinical experiences within the support service field.

Everyone’s needs, interests and goals are different. Our services are tailored to fit each individual’s unique ambitions. The goal of our program is to provide an experience that will promote personal growth and development. As well as an experience that is safe, engaging and fulfilling. At the same time, this program is aimed at giving families the comfort of having the right extra support they need and deserve.

Sidekicks is an approved provider through the Division of Developmental Disabilities, Department of Children and Families, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield and Aetna.


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